Staying Sweet through Generations

The date palm tree is the tree of life. Its existence touches so many aspects of our lives. Historically, date fruits have been cultivated and consumed in the Ancient Egypt as early as 4000BCE and in the Mesopotamia (now modern Iraq). Spiritually, dates have been referred to again and again in both the Qur'an and the Bible. Nutritionally, dates have so many benefits that one cannot go wrong eating it on a daily basis.

Why Dates

Top 10 Reasons to Date

Besides their delicious taste dates are a nutritious and very good for our health. There are so many health benefits from dates, here are our top picks.


Diabetics Friendly

Dates are diabetes friendly. Dates are considered fruit of medium glycemix index. Its sugars are natural sugars (sucrose, fructose, and glucose).

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Athlete's Best Friend

Dates are good for athletes and active people.

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Happy Tummy

Dates improve digestive system: constipation, abdominal cancer, and intestinal disorders.

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Natural Booster

Dates are nutritious, tasty, convenient energy booster, especially for those with anemia experiencing fatigue and sluggishness.

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Keep You in Shape

Dates can help one lose, gain, or maintain weight for the weight conscious.

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Strong Bones

Dates are good for strong bones to prevent old age osteoporosis.

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Hangover Cure

Dates cure hangover for the party people.

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Healthy Mommy

Dates are good for breastfeeding mothers, and therefore for the babies!

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Sweet Loving

Dates are natural aphrodisiac.

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Healthy Heart

Dates are good for the heart. It is fat and cholesterol free.

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