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July 10, 2020

Why Date Fruits for weight loss programs?


Losing weight is still one of the many things many of us are constantly striving to achieve. In this edition of AllKurma blog, we will see how fruits such as dates can be good and beneficial when it is part of your weight loss program.

The fitness and weight loss industry in the US alone is worth a whopping US$72 million, making it one of the most lucrative businesses to be in. While regular exercise is important when you are planning to shed those extra kilos, managing your calorie intake through the food you consume on a daily basis is also an important key to achieving weight loss.

One can be extremely particular with the food they eat when embarking on their weight loss journey. The food should be nutritious, fibre-rich and low in calories.

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention notes that eating fruits, along with vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, nuts and beans, are a safe and healthy way to lose weight. Many turn to fruits to help manage their calorie intake and dates fruit are low in calories and rich in fibre, allowing you to eat more without adding too much calories to your diet.




How Dates help you with weight loss


Dates keep your energy levels up, helping you maintain it throughout the day. They can be consumed during breakfast, lunch, or as an evening snack, and contains a powerhouse of nutrients, both macro and micro, vitamins and minerals.

Dates are rich in carbs (44-88%), dietary fibre (6.4-11.5%), Protein (2.3-5.6 %), fats (0.2-0.5 %), minerals (iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, sodium, etc.), salts, and vitamins (A, B1, B2, niacin). That's an impressive nutrition resume.
They are rich in dietary fibre and essential fatty acids that aid in weight loss. Consuming dates is super-helpful in shedding those kilos. Here is how it works:


  1. Dates fill you up: The Fibre in dates helps slow down the absorption of food in the large intestine, hence making you feel fuller longer as it adds bulk to your diet.
  2. Flushing out the bad: Fibre is the most essential roughage our body needs and combined with the fatty acids, dates can aid weight loss by flushing out toxins from your body.
  3. Good Gut Bacteria: Fibre helps in the production of fatty acids in the gut. This good gut bacteria helps digestion and boosts metabolism, making your weight loss journey a lot more efficient.
  4. Unsaturated Fat content: The unsaturated fat in dates helps reduce inflammation. Unhealthy food consumption and a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of inflammation, which is linked to obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes and fatty-liver. So reducing inflammation, will also lower your chances of gaining weight.
  5. Dates instead of sugary treats: One of the big temptations during a weight loss program is the sudden craving of treats and other sweet foods. Dates can help satiate your sweet cravings. They are naturally sweet and have a Low G-I, so instead of spiralling out of control, when that craving kicks in, look away from all refined unhealthy sugar and indulge in a date or two. So no regrets!

Portion Control


Above all, portion control is always the key. While Dates may help in your weight loss, excessive consumption of any food can result in weight gain, so confine yourself to a maximum of 5 - 6 dates, just enough to satiate your sweet cravings and keep your hunger at bay.

Now, we all know that exercise can never be taken out of the equation when losing weight is concerned, so for an even more effective weight loss, do at least 30 minutes of physical exercise daily to ace through your weight-loss efforts.

Above all, remember to always choose and consume only quality food, eat fresh and stay healthy only with All Kurma.
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